Friday, January 16, 2009

let's get physical!

Okay, I was *this close* to actually using the eliptical trainer yesterday. I created a special playlist on my iPod and everything (called "eliptical mix" if you must know). Then Fred forgot his iPod, I got to the gym a little early, and the stars aligned for me to take a step aerobics class instead! I'm not sure what my favorite part of class was - the dance remix of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" or the old man next to me giving me a crusty look every time I turned the wrong way during the "step hesitate baby mambo kick" sequence. What I love about running is that it requires absolutely no rhythm and practically no coordination. Try getting away with this in step aerobics and you'll end up looking a lot like grape stomping lady.

Dear left hip, please feel better soon so I can stop humiliating myself in cardio classes and generally feeling like a noob. kthxbai!


  1. may I submit the following?: