Tuesday, January 27, 2009

trochanteric burSUCKis

Cue the suspense/thriller soundtrack: today I made a last minute appointment with the sports doc and he gave me...the Shot! It pretty much hurt like hell. But, considering the pain I've been feeling every stinking time I run, the Shot was no big deal. I must have done a pretty good job practicing my yogi nasal breathing because I heard the nurse tell the doc that I was the best patient they'd seen in weeks. Yeah, I'm "one with my body" and all that.

However, there's really no guarantee that this is even going to work which is just craptacular. In fact, the doc said the cortisone could even make things worse. Superb. He cut me off from my last two sessions of PT (oh, darn!) and said I need to rest for as long as possible, as any activity could lessen the effects of the cortisone and cause damage. I'm going to give it a week. No running, spinning, cross-training, strength-training, nada! Just lots of stretching and icing. This would probably be a good time to finish watching the Pride and Prejudice A&E miniseries.

I'm trying really hard to be cool about it, but the fact of the matter is that I might have to stop running for a while. Like, weeks. Or, months. In which case I could pretty much kiss the Bayshore Marathon goodbye. Detroit, anyone?

Oh! I almost forgot! A little treat for the visual learners:


  1. why don't you just get a synthetic bursa installed?

  2. thanks for the awesome suggestions. a rubber bursa just might be my ticket to smooth sailing. er, running.