Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting started...or, not.

I'm not supposed to be running. I've been sneaking in a few miles here and there just to see if my hip is getting any better, but so far, it isn't. The problem is my iliotibial band, which stretches from the hip to knee. Apparently my itb is super tight, which is causing inflammation (i.e. pain!!) of the bursa sac between my itb and hip bone. Cool, huh? I'm sure I can thank all that hill running this summer for exacerbating the condition. The docs think it might also have something to do with my leg length discrepancy...yeah, I'm a 1/4 inch shorter in the left leg (wtf??).

At any rate, I've got a month of physical therapy ahead of me, at which point I'll meet with Dr. Housner again to determine whether a cortisone shot is necessary to reduce the inflammation. I hope not, but at the same time I just want to be able to run again...without limping and without my physical therapist chewing me out.

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